FRCS (UK), M.Ch Orth (UK), DNB Orth, MS Orth
Orthopaedic surgeon

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JOINT Replacement

ACL Reconstruction
Revision Surgery

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Pioneered Full bending Knee replacement
and minimal invasive replacement.

A minimal invasive and full bending Knee replacement offers considerable
advantages over conventional methods. As a result of increased
mobility, patients are able to enjoy activities which require kneeling
and sitting cross legged.

Minimal invasive knee replacement

High flexion knee replacement guide



Total Hip replacement

offers permanent pain relief after non surgical methods have failed.
The ideal age for a hip replacement is sixty five years. However in
India, patients needing a hip replacement are young.

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Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam is an UK & Indian board certified Orthopaedic surgeon in Chennai, India. He specializes in joint replacement, joint preservationarthroscopic surgery and regenerative medicine. He has introduced many innovations in arthroscopy, joint replacement and regenerative medicine in Chennai. These are
1) Shoulder arthroscopy- 2000.
2) First generation stem cell procedure for knee with microfracture-2005
3) Simultaneous bilateral knee replacements -2005.
4) Simultaneous bilateral Oxford knee replacements– 2005.
5) Short stem hip replacement with Proxima hip- 2006.
6) Gender specific knee replacement– 2007
7) Copeland shoulder resurfacing-2008.
8) Oxinium knee replacement- 2008.
9) Journey knee replacement– 2009. First case of bilateral Journey knee replacements in 2009.
10) Orthoglide knee resurfacing– 2012
11) Custom fit knee replacement– 2012.
12) Autologus Osteoblast implantation and bone marrow stem cell implantation-2013
13) Autolgous chondrocyte implantation 2014
14) I Assist knee replacement-2014.
15) I Assist guided Verilast knee replacement-2014.
16) Single stage Cartilage repair and ACL reconstruction-2015.
17) Soft tissue expansion before knee replacement-2015.
18) First live Twitter cast of Oxinium knee replacement from India and second in the world-2009 June.
19) Stem cell treatment of partial ACL tears.

His independent private practice is the MJRC clinic located @Ramarau polyclinic, P.H.road, Chennai. He is affiliated to two multi speciality hospitals in Chennai. These are 1) Guest hospital 2) Chennai Meenakshi multi specialty hospital. He is a member of the international cartilage research society.
His latest success story is with successful signaling cell treatment in Octogenarian patient. 
Those patients interested in PRP & Stem cell treatments India can check out
He has successfully used PRP injections to repair partial thickness tears of shoulder rotator cuff and knee quadriceps tendons.
He is a proponent of Joint preservation. This branch of orthopedic surgery aims to preserve a damaged joint and prevent the onset of degenerative changes. He offers a number of procedures to achieve this purpose. One of these is Meniscal replacement with Collagen meniscal implant India in India. He also offers meniscal suture. He was trained for these procedure at advanced skills courses in the USA and Singapore. See
Dr.Venkatachalam performs biological procedures to repair cartilage, bone and tendons. He has treated focal cartilage loss with repair. He has also treated Avascular necrosis of the femur with bone marrow derived cells.



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